Guided tours Guided tours

If someone comes to the Warta Mouth for the first time and quickly wants to see the most interesting places, it's good to rent a guide. A person who knows the surroundings very well is invaluable during birdwatching because places in which birds occur change dynamically seasonally, depending on water level. The guide has a telescope, which remarkably facilitates observations. There's also a possibility to rent binoculars.

Kayak rental Kayak rental

Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej "DUDEK" is situated near Stacja Pomp (the Pomp Station) in Słońsk. This old building is on the canal connected with the old Warta and the Postomia Rivers, very close to the "Ujście Warty" National Park. Therefore, almost all year round (except for frosty days) there are good conditions for kayaking and birdwatching. We have 7 kayaks for rent. You can rent a kayak, buy a map and explore the old riverbeds of Warta and Postomia to the border of the "Ujście Warty" National Park or to Lemierzyce village.

Bike rental Bike rental

You can rent a bike, buy a map and explore the tourist trails and side roads in the neighborhood. We have 10 bikes for rent.

Kayaking Kayaking

We organize canoeing trips along the Postomia, Warta, Odra, Lenka and Myśla rivers. We ensure transportation of people and equipment (kayaks, paddles, life jackets) to the beginning and from the end of the trip to the pomp station in Slońsk.

Organization of stay Organization of stay

Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej Dudek is busy doing organization of stay in Ujście Warty region. It might be a group of pupils, students, families and others. After receiving information about duration of stay, number, age and interests of participants, we prepare an offer.

Accommodation - Bed & breakfast Accommodation - Bed & breakfast

Our house is surrounded by meadows or floodplains and is situated 2 km from the village of Słońsk, near an old Pumping Station. It is an excellent place for birdwatching in the "Warta Mouth" National Park. Each guest room has a bathroom, table, chairs, wardrobe and confortable beds. There are also two kitchens. Guests may order breakfast.