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Kayak rental

Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej "DUDEK" is situated near Stacja Pomp (the Pomp Station) in Słońsk. This old building is on the canal connected with the old Warta and the Postomia Rivers, very close to the "Ujście Warty" National Park. Therefore, almost all year round (except for frosty days) there are good conditions for kayaking and birdwatching. We have 7 kayaks for rent. You can rent a kayak, buy a map and explore the old riverbeds of Warta and Postomia to the border of the "Ujście Warty" National Park or to Lemierzyce village.

Late summer there are plenty of white and yellow waterlilies In March, in fog Close to the pomp

How to rent a kayak

  1. Show your ID at our office.
  2. Pay for renting in advance according to price guide.
  3. Kayaks are rented to adult persons only.
  4. Live jackets are included and are required to be worn during kayaking.
  5. Do not use live jackets for sitting.
  6. The rental gear should be returned clean and undamaged, on time.
  7. In case of theft or damage of the rented equipment you are required to financially compensate for the damage.
  8. On renting the kayaking gear you are obliged to sign a written agreement, accepting the above rental regulations.
  9. BTP "DUDEK" has the right to refuse to rent a kayak despite formal compliance with the above rental regulations.

Bare in mind

  • canoeist should be able to swim,
  • everyone has to wear a life jacket,
  • belongings should be kept in waterproof bags,
  • one should reach the bank always against the stream; bow against the stream and sideways to the bank stand during getting in and out of the kayak,
  • in case of a fall, it is necessery to tow the kayak to the bank without reversion.


  • Cost of kayak rental:
    • PLN 20 per every started hour,
    • PLN 70 per one day.
  • Charges concern each started hour.