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Our house

Our house is surrounded by meadows or floodplains and is situated 2 km from the village of Słońsk, near an old Pumping Station. It is an excellent place for birdwatching in the "Warta Mouth" National Park. Each guest room has bathroom, table, chairs and wardrobe and confortable beds. There are also two kitchens. Guests may order breakfast.

Our house Room no 4 (© J. Malicki)

Room no. 1 (for three persons)

Outside the window you can see flooded or green meadows on the floodplain, depending on the season and water level. This is the room where you can sleep longer because the windows overlook the west. But if you happen to forget your electronic alarm clock, your can use our natural - sheep, anglers and farmers.

Room no 1 View of the floodplains

Room no. 2 (for three persons)

This is the room for early birds, because sun peeps into your window at dawn, and for warmth-lovers, because the room is lokated over the boiler room (we burn wood). Through the window you can see a stork nest. Although it is 3-bed room, the two beds and couch give a chance to accommodate 4 people.

Room no 2 Room no 2 - bathroom

Room no. 3 (for four persons)

A room with the view over floopdplain or meadows and a huge black poplar. In spring frog concerts, in summer loud rustle of poplar leaves, and year round picturesque sunsets guarantee. A dreem room for lazy birdwatchers who prefer "window" watching to early waking.

Room no 3 Room no 3 Room no 3 - bathroom

Room no. 4 (for three persons)

This room is a perfect place for people for whose who want to watch a stork above. The sun will wake you early in the morning, if you do not roll the blinds down. If you do not roll the blinds down in autumn, you have a chance to see geese and cranes flying to breakfast, while happy horses and cows can be observed almost year round.

Room no 4 - bathroom Room no 4

Kitchen downstains

There is a kitchen for guests from rooms 1 and 2. We serve breakfast there or you can prepare meals yourself using gas cooker, fridge, electric kettle, coffee maker etc. There are also pots, frying pan, plates, mugs etc.

Kitchen downstairs

Kitchen upstairs

In the kitchen upstairs (for guest from rooms 3and 4 there are also sink, gas cooker, fridge, electric kettle, coffee maker and other kitchen equipment which makes cooking and eating possible. We have also special dryer for poeple collecting mushrooms and herbs.

Kitchen upstairs Kitchen upstairs Kitchen upstairs - view of storks

We offer a holiday without the radio or TV, we suggest an interesting read of books about history and nature of our region instead. Publication are accessible at our house. We have also a small collection of DVDs with music and movies for guests with own laptop.

There is a garden where you can light a campfire or sunbathe. We offer savory apples, peaches and grapes in autumn. There are some herbs and wild edible plants in the surroundings. We have many recipes for eg. nettle soup, fried elder flowers in dough :-).

In the nearby canals and riverbeds you can catch fish. Our cat will be your friend forever if you treat it with fresh fish.

Fishing in the Postomia river
View from the window - 4 young storks- July 2007
September delicacies for guests

Check in 17.00, checkout 11.00. It is possible to change time of check in, if other reservations allow.

We and our guests:

  • do not smoke at home,
  • segregate garbage,
  • save energy and water.

On site you can also:

  • rent bikes (5 available), binoculars, kayaks (7 available) and canoes (2 available),
  • buy maps, guide-books, souvenirs and honey,
  • use tourist information and guide service.


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