We organize canoeing trips along the Postomia, Warta, Odra, Lenka and Myśla rivers. We ensure transportation of people and equipment (kayaks, paddles, life jackets) to the beginning and from the end of the trip to the pomp station in Slońsk.

Group forming before setting off
It's worth passing anglers carefully
Save rout for families with children

Sample routs

Lemierzyce - Słońsk (approx. 12 km), duration: 3-4 hours depending on water level, number of obstacles and canoeing skills

The Postomia River from Lemierzyce to Słońsk flows lazily, at first along the forested edge of the valley and then across meadows near the "Ujście Warty" national park. This route is very beautiful and easy. You will see signs of beavers and their lodges. You should also observe hunting herons, cormorants, kingfishers and other birds. Also worth seeing is the forest reserve "Dolina Postomii" and little springlet on the scarp.

Sometimes happen a really big group
Start on the Postomia river in Lemierzyce
We transport people and kayaks to the beginning of trip

Kłopotowo - Kostrzyn nad Odrą (approx. 20 km), duration: 4-5 hours depending on wind direction and canoeing skills

The final stretch of the Warta river is quite wide. Speedy current make canoeing almost without paddle possible. Floating through the "Ujście Warty" national park you will see depending on season: blue Kingfishers, soaring storks and White-tailed Eagle, Cranes, Geese as well as Cormorants commuting to and from their nearby colony. Both banks are overgrown by willow bushes, poplars and elms. There are not any obstacles, despite that, you will observe sings of beavers and bever lodges. Before the end of our trip you can stop at a picturesque cafe situated on the river bank for barbecue, cakes and ice-cream.

Mostno - Dargomyśl (approx. 13 km), duration: 5-6 hours depending on number of obstacles, water level and skills.

The Myśla River flows rapidly through picturesque woodlands and dense rushes. This meandering wild stream sculpts steep banks causing trees to fall across the water. Canoe skills recommended, unforgettable impressions guaranteed.


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