Bike rental

There is a Green Point (Zielony Punkt) in Hoopoe Wildlife Tours. It's a place where you can spend a night or get information about other accomodation places, rent a bike and binoculars or return a bike rented in other Green Point. Green Points are marked with similar signs.

We have 10 bikes for rent. Rental cost is PLN 15 for 2 hours or PLN 30 per day.

Sometimes it's good to have an additional bike
Green Point's marking
Bikes' transport by ferry across the Warta River

Nearest Green Points:

Agrotourist Farm (Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Nad rzeczką")
(3 km from Pomp Station)
Puszkina Street 44,
66-436 Słońsk
tel. +48 95 757 24 45

Field Station and Museum of Meadow (Stacja Terenowa Klubu Przyrodników i Muzeum Łąki)
(20 km from Pomp Station)
Owczary 17,
69-113 Górzyca
tel. +48 95 759 12 20


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