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What is the difference between us and other Polish tourist agencies? We do not organise tours to large historic towns and crowded holiday destination, We serve both small and large groups. Our offer is geared to individual needs, families and small groups, wishing to spend holidays or weekends far from noisy cities and everyday duties in close contact with nature

  • we provide full service and guided tours in "Warta Mouth" National and Landscape Parks,
  • we offer bed & breakfast,
  • we run tourist information, sell maps, guides, souvenirs,
  • we rent bikes, binoculars, kayaks,
  • we organize kayak tours,
  • we ensure environmental education,
  • we organize holiday in the Bird Republic, sustainable tourism awarded in the EDEN competition.

Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej Dudek
Hoopoe Wildlife Tours - Stacja Pomp 2, S這雟k (woj. lubuskie)
Entry into Register of Business Activity run by W鎩t Gminy S這雟k NR 335/1996
Licence of tourist company NR 01062,
Guide licence NR 0008/2003
Year of beginning: 1996

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logo EDENThe Bird Repu- blic in the Warta Mouth was a winner of EDEN 2009 competition...